Nexicon partnership to address cybercrime

LOS ANGELES, May 29 (UPI) -- U.S. company Nexicon has partnered with Univer-$ale in a move to develop and market next-generation technologies to counter cybercriminal threats.

Digital media protection and intelligence solutions developer Nexicon announced it formed a partnership with Univer-$ale to market the DigitalRanger-Law Enforcement technology designed to support civil and government requirements for countering cybercrimes and digital piracy.


The DigitalRanger uses Nexicon's Marc platform, which according to a news release "tracks and monetizes illegal uploads and downloads on the Internet."

"Until now, cybercriminals have been able to find ways to circumvent the laws and continue their illegal activities online," Bertrand Marchioro, Univer-$ale chief executive officer, said in a statement.

"Now with Nexicon's technology, we can provide cyberdetectives all the information and evidence they need to catch these offenders and bring the cases to court."

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