Air Force selects Sensis-led team

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y., May 28 (UPI) -- The U.S. Air Force has contracted Sensis Corp. to lead a team that includes Raytheon and Moog Inc. to develop next-generation radar capabilities.

The Sensis-led team was contracted by the Air Force to support the technological development phase of the Three-Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar program.


The 3DELRR program is part of an effort by the Air Force to replace the aging AN/TPS-75 radars with next-generation systems that support ballistic missile detection and long-range surveillance capabilities.

"The Sensis team's proposal of an entirely new radar system from the ground-up means every facet of our solution is designed with only the 3DELRR's requirements in mind," Dave Kovarik, Sensis Defense and Security Systems vice president and general manager, said in a statement.

"The program also follows the Defense Department's acquisition strategy of the armed services working together on significant programs to realize the most cost-effective, technologically-sound solutions for our fighting forces."

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