Elbit awarded Austrian army deal

HAIFA, Israel, May 18 (UPI) -- The Austrian army has contracted Elbit Systems for the company to deliver its unmanned electrically remote-controlled weapon stations.

Israel-based Elbit Systems was awarded approximately $33.7 million from the Austrian army for its 12.7mm unmanned electrically remote-controlled weapon stations.


Elbit said its weapon-station technologies will be integrated into Iveco Defense Vehicles' light multi-role 4X4 vehicles in a move to add both sensors and firepower.

"We are proud to have been selected to take part in this important project for the Austrian armed forces," Bezhalel Machlis, Elbit Systems Land general manager, said in a statement.

"Elbit Systems' cooperation with Iveco Defense Vehicles reflects the level of recognition we have achieved with our customers and international partners. The selection of our systems constitutes a breakthrough in an emerging international market emanating from a shift in the modern battlefield."

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