Air Force orders more ALE-50 decoys

GOLETA, Calif., May 18 (UPI) -- The U.S. Air Force has awarded Raytheon a follow-on contract for the company to continue production of its towed decoy technologies.

U.S. company Raytheon was awarded the contract from the Air Force Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. Under the $19.8 million deal, Raytheon will produce and deliver 807 of its ALE-50 towed decoys.


The widely deployed ALE-50 decoys are designed to counter missile threats to aircraft by acting as preferred targets. Officials said the order marks the thirteenth production lot for Raytheon.

"The performance of our ALE-50 decoy is second to none," Roy Azevedo, Raytheon Tactical Airborne Systems business deputy vice president, said in a statement.

"It is an important part of Raytheon's advanced complement of integrated avionics that help control the battle space."

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