VessEx launches counter-piracy service

NEW ORLEANS, April 23 (UPI) -- U.S. company Vessel Extractions announced the launch of a new ship-protection service aimed at addressing the growing threat of piracy.

VessEx, a company specializing in ship recovery, has launched its counter-piracy Shiprotek service. With an escalation in the number of pirate attacks on commercial vessels around the world, particularly off the volatile coast of Somalia, VessEx said its new Shiprotek service is being offered as way to protect ships from attacks.


Officials said the Shiprotek service supplies teams of former military Special Forces personnel who are deployed on ships as an escort to counter potential threats.

"The defense of a ship under armed attack cannot be left to an untrained, unarmed civilian crew," Max Hardberger, VessEx operations director, said in a statement.

"Our highly skilled and well-equipped teams offer effective and cost-efficient protection for ships going in harm's way."

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