British contract for armored earthmovers

LONDON, April 6 (UPI) -- The British Ministry of Defense has contracted BAE Systems for the delivery of armored earthmoving engineer vehicles.

British company BAE was awarded the contract to support the British Royal Engineers. Under the approximately $445 million deal, BAE will deliver 60 of its air-portable Terrier vehicles, the British Ministry of Defense reported.


The BAE Terrier, a tracked, armored earthmoving engineer vehicle, is designed to support route-clearing operations for British troops in combat zones and also assist peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

"(The) Terrier will be a hugely powerful and versatile machine, like a cross between an armored vehicle, an excavator and a loader, and I am pleased to confirm this order for our highly skilled Royal Engineers, who provide vital battlefield support to the infantry and front-line troops," Quentin Davies, British minister for defense equipment and support, said in a statement.

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