Atlas V successfully launched

SACRAMENTO, April 6 (UPI) -- United Launch Alliance announced the successful launch of the Atlas V rocket carrying satellite communication technologies to support U.S. military operations.

The rocket launch, which took place in Cape Canaveral, Fla., was supported by solid rocket boosters from U.S. company Aerojet. Officials said the Atlas V launch marked the ninth successful flight with Aerojet's rocket-booster technologies.


The Atlas V rocket was carrying the second Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft. The new orbiting satellite technology is designed to support next-generation communications for U.S. Defense Department and allied countries.

"Aerojet is proud to provide key propulsion elements for this very important U.S. mission," Julie Van Kleeck, Aerojet vice president of space systems, said in a statement.

"By successfully lifting the Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft and maneuvering it to orbit, Aerojet has played a significant role in increasing the communications capabilities of U.S. and allied nations' military forces deployed around the globe."

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