BAE to deliver escape windows to Army

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has contracted British company BAE Systems to provide Humvees with its emergency escape window kits.

BAE was awarded the contract from the Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command. Under the estimated $45 million deal, BAE will deliver 5,685 of its vehicle emergency escape window kits for integration with the Army's Humvees.


The installation of the VEE system, widely deployed by the U.S. military, is designed to support a quick vehicle exit in case of an emergency situation.

"Simple, life-saving technology is essential in the unpredictable working environment of a soldier," Mark Signorelli, BAE Systems vice president of Army programs, said in a statement.

"The VEE window's simplicity … enables soldiers to evacuate from a vehicle emergency in seconds and is a proven, valuable safeguard for our troops."

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