Army contracts for more armored vests

PHOENIX, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has contracted BAE Systems for the delivery of the company's armored vest technology in a move to strengthen protections for troops.

British company BAE was awarded a $43.7 million contract by the Army for its Improved Outer Tactical Vests. Officials say BAE will be expected to deliver 75,000 of its IOTVs for deployment with Army units in combat zones and other operational areas.


The IOTV offers troops protections from ballistic threats and includes a quick release for emergency situations. BAE says its IOTVs are manufactured at the company's two Tennessee facilities, which will be expected to run at full capacity by the end of March.

"Our IOTV is the latest generation of life-saving vests that enhances ballistic protection for our war fighters," Joe Coltman, BAE vice president of Individual Equipment Systems, said in a statement.

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