TriTech awarded communication deal

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- San Antonio security authorities have contracted TriTech Software Systems to customize a communications system for the region's emergency response community.

California-based TriTech was contracted to develop an emergency response computer-aided communication system for dispatch and mobile records support for the three-county Alamo Region Public Safety System that includes San Antonio.


Under the $14.7 million deal, TriTech will develop a communication solution unique to the Alamo Region that includes the company's VisiNet and VisiCAD emergency response and law enforcement support technologies.

"The new solution developed by TriTech will enable our member public safety agencies in the Alamo Region to communicate with each other quickly and seamlessly, virtually eliminating any agency and jurisdictional boundaries," Jeff Wood, Alamo Region public safety system project leader, said in a statement.

"The end result is enhanced mutual aid and improved regional communications to provide timely emergency response to our citizens."

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