Modus Operandi awarded phase I sub deal

MELBOURNE, Fla., Jan. 28 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy awarded Modus Operandi a phase I contract to develop sensor integration technologies in support of next-generation submarines.

Florida-based software developer Modus Operandi was awarded the research contract to develop a technological framework that integrates data from sensors to upgrade intelligence understanding capabilities for new submarines.


Under the $70,000 phase I small business innovation research deal, Modus Operandi will use its Wave Exploitation Framework technologies for the development of the submarine multisource intelligence data fusion system. The Navy awarded the contract as part of an effort to support the advances in new sensor technologies being integrated into submarines to counter threats.

"Our part in supporting the Navy's requirement is to provide the semantic glue needed to fuse multisource sensor data in a meaningful way, allowing system users to recognize adversarial activities within the context of diverse Navy missions." Richard Hull, Modus Operandi vice president and chief scientist, said in a statement.

"The Navy will benefit with improved cognitive processing of sensor information, thereby reducing the workload on operators and their commanders."

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