VSE protests Army debriefing delay

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 26 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army's decision not to accept a follow-on proposal from VSE Corp. is being formally protested.

Virginia-based VSE was informed Jan. 16 that the Army had not accepted its proposal for the new Rapid Response program, the Rapid Response-Third Generation.


VSE officials requested a debriefing from the Army concerning the decision to pass on its proposal. Despite the request, the Army has delayed the debriefing. VSE, which is currently under contract to support the Rapid Response program until 2010, announced it is formally protesting the debriefing delay.

"We requested a debriefing from the Army," Mo Gauthier, VSE chief executive officer, president and chief operations officer, said in a statement.

"We were informed that debriefings would be delayed until after the award. We believe that delaying VSE and its team of subcontractors a debriefing on the evaluation of VSE's proposal is unfair, and we are protesting that decision."

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