DHS awards nuke research deal to Dynasil

WEST BERLIN, N.J., Jan. 23 (UPI) -- The Homeland Security Department has awarded Dynasil Corp. of America a research contract for the development of nuclear radiation detection technologies.

New Jersey-based Dynasil says its Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. subsidiary was awarded the contract from the Homeland Security Department's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.


Under the more than $5.6 million award, RMD will research, along with partners Raytheon and the University of Michigan, and develop a new high-performance dirty-bomb detection technology made from semiconductor crystals.

Officials say the research contract is part of a Domestic Nuclear Detection Office initiative to reduce the costs of radiation detection technologies while increasing the capabilities.

"This is a case of applying proven semiconductor processing techniques to exciting state-of-the-art electronic materials to solve a critical need and potentially save lives," Michael Squillante, RMD vice president of research, said in a statement.

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