Alion contracted for COOP development

MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 15 (UPI) -- The U.S. Air Force has contracted Alion Science and Technology to support the development of a Continuity of Operations Program in Southwest Asia.

Alion was awarded the task order from Air Forces Central Command for the company to support Continuity of Operations, or COOP, for the Combined Air and Space Operations Center Weapon System.


As part of the $1.7 million contract, Alion will establish a COOP program in Southwest Asia designed to support Air Force command and control functions for joint, allied and coalition military operations. Officials say Alion will be responsible for developing the COOP structure, training programs and satellite operations, among other tasks to ensure the success of the COOP program.

"Alion's priority is to establish the Air Force's COOP program for the Combined Air and Space Operations Center and access how well the program operates for a weapons system known as the Falconer," Dick Brooks, Alion senior vice president and manager of the distributed simulation group, said in a statement.

"Incorporating proven methodologies, Alion's results will help to maintain mission-critical operations to meet warfare needs."

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