Israeli intel network discovered in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon, June 13 (UPI) -- The Lebanese army has discovered an Israeli intelligence network involved in the assassination of Lebanese and Palestinian militants in Lebanon.

An army statement said Tuesday that the Mossad-linked network was responsible for the killing of Hezbollah members as well as an official from Islamic Jihad, his brother and the son of Ahmed Jibril, the leader of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine -- General Command.


The statement said an investigation into the "terrorist network" revealed that it has been active for several years in Lebanon and led to the arrest of "some of its main and leading members."

It said the network was involved in the killing of an Islamic Jihad official, Mahmoud Majzoub, a Lebanese, and his brother in a car bomb in the southern city of Sidon last May 26, in addition to the assassinations of two Hezbollah officials, one in the south of Lebanon and others in a southern suburb of Beirut in August 1999 and August 2003. The network also killed Jibril's son, Jihad, with an explosive charge in Beirut in May 2002.

The statement indicated that a leading member of the network identified as Mahmoud Rafeh, a Lebanese man, planted a highly explosive charge on a main road in southern Lebanon which was discovered and dismantled by the Lebanese army in January 2005 before it was set to explode.

Rafeh also detonated a bomb targeting Palestinian officials in Naameh, south of Beirut in August 1999 without causing casualties.

Investigation conducted by Lebanese military intelligence revealed that the members of the network, whose number was not disclosed, received training inside and outside Israel by Mossad officers.

The statement said the network was instructed by the Mossad to carry out the bombing operations and was equipped for that purpose with sophisticated communication and surveillance devices, detailed plans and maps of the target areas, false documents, double-bottom bags and suitcases.

It said the army raided the network's hideouts and seized advanced intelligence gathering equipment.

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