Hamas militant killed in Gaza clash

GAZA, June 12 (UPI) -- A Hamas militant was killed in clashes with Palestinian police in Gaza as Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh slammed Israel for threatening Hamas officials.

Palestinian medics said 21-year-old Hammad Abu Jazar was hit by three bullets in the chest and was dead when he arrived at the European hospital in Gaza.


He was attending the funerals of another Hamas militant who died from wounds he suffered a week ago in Fatah-Hamas clashes in Rafah.

Witnesses said the incident happened quickly when some mourners pelted the headquarters of the pre-emptive security agency in Rafah with stones from a side street, drawing retaliation from armed men believed to be members of the agency who opened fire at the funeral procession, fatally wounding Abu Jazzar.

An official source from the agency in Rafah denied that the security forces had opened fire at the procession although they were attacked by gunmen.

He said the agency is not at all responsible for the unfortunate incident, noting that an agreement was reached in advance with Hamas to prevent the procession from passing in front of security centers in the city.

In another development, Haniyeh accused Israeli leaders who threatened to assassinate Hamas officials if Qassam rockets were fired at Israel of being arrogant.

"Such remarks and threats are not new but indicate the political arrogance of certain Israeli leaders," Haniyeh said Monday.

He said the duty of the Hamas-led government is "to ensure the interests of the Palestinian people and defend their national rights."

Hamas declared the end of an unofficial truce with Israel over the weekend following a day of unabated Israeli violence which killed beachgoers in Gaza.

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