Syria, Jordan began border demarcation

AMMAN, Jordan, April 3 (UPI) -- Syria and Jordan recently began to demarcate their border, ending years of border disputes and occasional clashes.

A border demarcation agreement went into effect after Jordan's King Abdullah signed the ratification decree for ending Syrian encroachment on an area of 125 square kilometers inside Jordanian land and a Jordanian trespassing on 2.5 kilometers of Syrian territory, an official Jordanian source told United Press International Monday.


The agreement underlines that the international border between the two countries was delineated according to effective international accords which were referred to as a basis in defining border signs.

The two Arab states also agreed to end military and security excesses on each other's territories, sign an accord of good-neighborly relations and facilitate investments and ownership of border territory by the citizens of both countries.

Under the agreement the border will be modified in two areas, namely Tabariyat and Khorbet Awwad, on the basis of trading equal amounts of land on both sides of the border.

A military committee will be set up under the accord with the mission of ending excesses of a military and security nature on both countries' territories. It will start operating after the technical team finishes placing the border signs.

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