The Taliban's 'Islamic state' in Pakistan

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Taliban and al-Qaida operatives in Pakistan's northern Waziristan province recently declared the establishment of an "Islamic state" there.

In an announcement with ominous portents for neighboring Afghanistan, whose Gardez and Paktika provinces border northern Waziristan, the militants have acquired a cross-border base to attack U.S.-led coalition troops in Afghanistan.


According to the Asia Times the Taliban, "through the brutal elimination of criminal elements who previously held sway, in effect rule in the rugged territory."

The Friday Times added that "the growing influence of militants and resultant insecurity have forced tribesmen in the restive North and South Waziristan to migrate to adjacent districts of the North West Frontier Province."

The Asia Times correspondent reportedly possesses Taliban videos and added that Islamabad's influence "barely extends beyond Miranshah Bazar and Wana Bazar where the official headquarters are located."

One video reportedly includes an "official announcement of the establishment of an Islamic state in Waziristan and a declaration of the Taliban's rule in North Waziristan."

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