Iraq: U.S. forces 'destroyed' in Baghdad

April 7, 2003 at 8:09 AM
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BAGHDAD, April 7 (UPI) -- As U.S. troops stormed Baghdad and took control of one of Saddam Hussein's main presidential palaces, a senior Iraqi official Monday said Iraqi forces had "destroyed" American forces in the center of the capital and swore to "slaughter the invading troops."

Information Minister Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf insisted that there was "no presence of the American villains in the city of Baghdad at all. They tried to come in from Dora on a small number of tanks and personnel carriers, but we treated this problem by capturing most of them and killing the rest."

Meanwhile, U.S. troops could be clearly seen in parts of the city.

Al-Sahhaf told reporters in Baghdad that the U.S. forces "learned a lesson last night they will never forget. We slaughtered them and will continue to slaughter them."

He accused the American forces of diverting media attention "from what has happened to their troops," adding that the forces were advancing into certain areas and retreating "like they did in the airport." The minister's comments came as journalists in the center of Baghdad saw U.S. troops and continued to hear artillery fire nearby.

Al-Sahhaf insisted that Baghdad was "secure and great," swearing that "those sitting in Washington and London have brought their troops into the fire. The official also blasted the United Nations Security Council, which was expected to meet on the war on Iraq later Monday.

As he said that Iraq's "diplomacy is in the Iraqi cannon and Iraqi fighters," heavy artillery fire was heard nearby.

He called on the Security Council to "condemn the aggression before the U.N becomes a whorehouse. It only deserves to be a whorehouse if it remains under the feet of the Americans."

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