Rebels 'bought arms from North Korean spy'

MANILA, Philippines, March 13 (UPI) -- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front ordered some $2 million worth of arms from an alleged North Korean intelligence officer, a Philippine network said Thursday. ABS-CBN news says it's part of a rebel plan to launch an all-out war against the government.

The network, quoting military officials, said that the MILF also planned to buy mini-submarines to augment its fighting capability. The military officials said the plans were revealed in documents seized from the house of MILF chairman Salamat Hashim, when the military overran a rebel camp.


The North Korean was identified in the documents as Rim Jyu Do, who is said to be a ranking North Korean intelligence officer, the network reported.

The arms purchase reportedly involved "millions of rounds of ammunition for M30 machine guns; 10,000 pieces of T65K2 M-16 rifles; 200 pieces of T75 assault machine guns, 1 million rounds of T65K2 armored pricing bullets; 250,000 rounds of tracer bullets for M-16 rifles and 250,000 rounds of M-16 ammunition for training; and 1,000 different types of hand grenades."

Armed Forces spokesman Col. Essel Soriano told reporters that the military is trying to verify if the weapons had been delivered.


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