Iraq Parliament rejects U.N. resolution

Nov. 11, 2002 at 1:34 PM
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BAGHDAD, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Iraq's Parliament on Monday recommended the rejection of last week's U.N. Security Council resolution that gave Baghdad a final opportunity to disarm, authorized the return of weapons inspectors and warned of serious consequences if it failed to cooperate.

Security Council Resolution 1441 includes "many provocative and impossible measures" and paves the way for aggression instead of peaceful settlement, the Parliament said.

Speaking during an extraordinary session of Parliament, Saadoun Hammadi, president of the Iraqi National Council, said Parliament could not but defend the dignity of the Iraqi people whatever the sacrifices were, and it would ultimately support President Saddam Hussein in whatever action he deems fit.

"The bad intention in this resolution is clear and blunt," Hammadi said.

He said the Iraqi Parliament was among the first "to defend the country's sovereignty, people's dignity and those who firmly refuse all attempts of aggression and threats whatever the sacrifices would be."

He also confirmed the Parliament strongly and ultimately supports Saddam "in all the measures he has adopted and will adopt to preserve the dignity of Iraq and its people."

He said the resolution was "searching for a pretext and not a comprehensive settlement" and "paves the way for aggression instead of peaceful settlement."

Parliament's recommendation was to be referred to the Iraqi Revolutionary Council.

The U.N. Security Council Friday unanimously approved the U.S.-British sponsored resolution.

Baghdad has until Friday to accept the terms of the resolution and 30 days to declare all aspects of programs to develop weapons of mass destruction. Any false statements or omissions would be considered in violation of the resolution.

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