Daughter of executed man wants DNA test

MEMPHIS, June 30 (UPI) -- The daughter of a man executed this week in Tennessee wants to continue the fight to prove him innocent.

Kelly Henry, one of Sedley Alley's lawyers, told the Nashville Tennessean that Alley's daughter, April McIntyre, wants to pursue DNA testing. Alley was put to death Wednesday for the 1985 rape and killing of Suzanne Collins, a 19-year-old member of the Marine Corps.


"It's important for the truth to be known," Henry said. "It's important for his children the truth be known."

Prosecutors argue that DNA testing would not be reliable because of the 21 years since the crime and because the evidence was mishandled.

Verna Wyatt, a victim's advocate who has been working with Collins' family, said it is time to put the case to rest.

"If they got the evidence and they were allowed to test it, it's not going to prove his innocence," Wyatt said. "It might prove his guilt, but it's not going to prove his innocence."

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