Dad pranks teen son by dressing in Speedo for school pickup

By Ben Hooper

May 26 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma father earned himself a gold medal in the embarrassing dad-move Olympics by picking up his teen son from school in a Speedo.

Justin Beadles, whose son, Jack, 15, attends Stillwater Junior High School, showed up to pick the boy up on his last day of classes while dressed as Olympic champion Michael Phelps.


A video recorded by Beadles' wife and posted to Facebook shows the dad wearing only a Speedo, a swim cap and some fake medals as he walks through a crowd of students leaving school to find his son.

"I was just like half embarrassed, half thinking I was going to run away," Jack told KWTV.

Beadles said pranking his son makes him feel closer to his own father.

"My dad, he was the guy who always said, 'Make a memory every day.' And since he has been gone, I've particularly tried to do that," he said.

Jack magnanimously allowed his father to post the video to social media.

"I just thought it's the last day of school and no one can make fun of me because it's the last day of school," he said.


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