U.S., South Korea order ground penetrating radar

DULLES, Va., Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Vehicle-mounted ground-penetrating radars by NIITEK Inc. have been selected by the U.S. Army as a program of record for countering mines.

NIITEK, a subsidiary of the Chemring Group PLC, said a firm-fixed-price contract for procurement of six Husky Mounted Detection System ground penetrating radar test units has been received and the units will be used for advanced testing in preparation for a long-term procurement of the system.


The initial award includes a test support package that includes spare parts, technical data, interface control documents, logistics data and test support services. Its value is more than $10.6 million.

The HMDS is a multipanel, high-performance ground penetrating radar system that functions on manned and unmanned, blast resistant vehicles to provide rapid ability to detect anti-vehicular landmines and other explosive hazards on main supply routes and open areas. The United States has used the system in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We are pleased that the U.S. Army is proceeding with making this technology an enduring capability as a program of record for our Army and our soldiers," said Tom Thebes, president of Chemring Sensor and Electronics. "The HMDS is a critical component of the U.S. Army's route clearance units, and now will continue to help save soldiers' lives and ensure mission success, wherever our forces may be called to serve."


Additional details were not provided.

In other company developments, South Korea's Hyundai-Rotem Company is purchasing a NIITEK's VISOR ground penetrating radar system for integration into an autonomous vehicle as part of the Korean Government Agency for Defense Development's Autonomous Vehicle Program/Route and Mine Clearance program.

The contract is worth $765,000 dollars, NIITEK said, but no delivery details were provided.

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