AmSafe Bridport supplying France with cargo equipment

BRIDPORT, England, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- French military helicopters are being provided with cargo-lifting equipment from Britain's AmSafe Bridport Ltd.

The multi-purpose transport systems, for use internally or with sling systems, have been designated "systeme d'helitransport polyvalent" by the French and will be supplied over a seven-year period.


A total of 256 sets of equipment, worth about $17.15 million, will be delivered by AmSafe Bridport under the award from DGA, the French military procurement agency.

"This contract win further strengthens AmSafe Bridport's position as the world leading provider of helicopter cargo transportation systems," said Neal McKeever, director of sales and marketing at AmSafe Bridport. "Our unique and effective products have been developed by working closely with the world's armed forces to understand their needs and engineer solutions that provide significant benefits."

The equipment will be utilized on a wide range of French military helicopters including NH-90, Puma, Super Puma, Cougar and Caracal, the company said. Among gear to be supplied is the company's QuickDrop remote controlled pendent and hook system, which allows loads to be safely dropped by the helicopter crew without the need for the presence of ground crew.


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