Russia announces military purchase plans for 2014

MOSCOW, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- The Russian Defense Ministry said it planned to buy more than 750 pieces of military equipment ranging from ballistic missiles to armored vehicles next year.

Russia celebrated Tuesday as Ground Forces Day. The Russian Defense Ministry said ahead of the occasion it planned by purchase new equipment in 2015.


A ministry statement published by state-supported news agency RIA Novosti said the purchase plans include the Iskander-M ballistic missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems and armored vehicles.

The Russian military last year set aside $750 million to produce the Iskander mobile tactical ballistic missile system. The Kremlin said it would roll out the system to counter any U.S. plans for a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.

RIA Novosti reported Russian ground forces received about 600 units of military hardware last year. It made no announcements of the expected expense for next year.

The purchase announcement comes as Russia secured a deal from the government of Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic, to keep a military base there until 2042.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said base operations would help Tajikistan cope with the international redeployment from Afghanistan next year.


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