Britain orders more Foxhound tactical vehicles

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Britain's Ministry of Defense has contracted General Dynamics to provide it with two dozen more Foxhound light tactical blast-protected vehicles.

The additional vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems Force Protection Europe will expand the Ministry of Defense's fleet of Foxhounds to 400.


"Foxhound vehicles provide enhanced mobility and blast survivability to troops operating in urban environments, the company said. "The Foxhound is a new design for a light tactical (4x4) highly mine- and blast-protected vehicle, integrating V-hull blast-protection technology with a modular demountable protected crew pod."

The contract is worth $36 million. Production and delivery schedules were not disclosed.

Production of the first Foxhound vehicles began in 2011 and British troops use in Afghanistan. Initial production was extended the following year, helping preserve manufacturing jobs.

General Dynamics notes the vehicle's low weight and tight turning radius make it deal for urban area use.

Its blast-protection V-hull runs the length of the vehicle and its protection envelope includes the Foxhound's engine and drive train.

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