Raytheon receives order for anti-jamming prototype

LONDON, Sept. 12 (UPI) -- A first order has been received by Raytheon UK for its new GPS anti-jamming system, MiniGAS.

Raytheon UK said it will provide the customer, whose identity was not revealed, with a number of pre-production MiniGAS prototypes for evaluation.


MiniGAS, a small and lightweight GPS anti-jamming system with flexible form factors, would be suitable for use on ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile platforms.

Raytheon also announced this week an order from the U.S. government for an additional 100 of its Advanced Digital Antenna Production (ADAP) systems. The system is a counter to hostile electronic jamming efforts or unintentional electric interference of GPS navigation signals. "To date, more than 500 ADAP systems and more than 6,600 GAS-1 systems have been delivered to the U.S. government and other international customers over the course of 15 years," Raytheon said.

"Raytheon UK is a world leader in the production and supply of GPS anti-Jamming systems to the majority of the world's military forces," said Richard Daniel, defense director for Raytheon UK. "These contracts and milestones demonstrate that we continue to make advancements in new systems, ensuring that Raytheon's systems continue to meet the latest platform requirements."


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