Rolls-Royce unveils design for patrol vessel

LONDON, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- A design for a new maritime patrol boat has been unveiled at an international defense exhibition in Britain by Rolls-Royce.

The vessel would be 108.5 feet long and would be equipped with Rolls-Royce equipment, such as stabilisers, thrusters, steering gear, fixed pitch propellers and engines.


The vessel would be suitable for patrol missions, search-and-rescue operations and interception.

"Coastal protection and offshore patrol vessels is a growing sector and this new design offers multipurpose capability, incorporating core design elements that are replicated across the family of vessels," said Garry Mills, Rolls-Royce, chief of Rolls-Royce's Naval Ship Design.

"Our customers often face short time scales in the procurement of this type of craft, and having a scalable, cost effective offering is essential.

"There is a growing trend of commercial marine technology crossing into naval markets as governments seek cost reduction through proven capability. Naval vessels generally comprise many disparate and complex technologies, and that's what Rolls-Royce, with its broad product base, is good at integrating bespoke whole-ship systems to minimize program risk," he said.

The design is the first of a number that the company plans to introduce. A design for a 242-foot vessel will be introduced next year.


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