Raytheon demos maritime radar for Australians

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Raytheon's SeaVue XMC maritime surveillance radar has been demonstrated in Australia as part of an Australian technology refresh project.

The SeaVue XMC, or eXpanded Mission Capability, test and flight demonstrations were conducted in coordination with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service using the service's Dash 8 aircraft.


"SeaVue XMC provides our customers with unsurpassed maritime domain awareness capabilities," said Jerry Powlen, vice president of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems in Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems business. "These demonstrations provide objective evidence that Raytheon can complement our industry-leading sensor technology with the information management tools required to provide real-time, actionable information to the warfighter."

Raytheon said the advanced radar features automatically detecting, tracking and sorting thousands of maritime targets simultaneously and correlating radar tracks with Automatic Identification System contacts.

It geographically registers radar detections to AIS data and digital nautical chart features for more precise target tracking, locating of threats and accurate cross-sensor cueing to the electro-optic system.

In addition to Customs and Border Protection, the demonstrations were monitored by the Royal Australian Air Force, Defense Science and Technology Organization, and the Defense Material Organization.


"Participants responded favorably to the trial, calling it an exciting development in maritime radar," said Simon Luck, technical director for Australia's Customs and Border Protection Service.

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