Navy orders torpedo upgrade kits

MARION, Mass., Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Upgrade kits for the MK 48 heavy torpedo are being supplied by Lockheed Martin to the U.S. Navy and the navies of Canada and the Netherlands.

The Mod 7 Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System kits will give the MK 48 torpedo used by submarines an increased bandwidth and streamlined targeting and tracking capabilities.


"The CBASS upgrades dramatically enhance the performance and capabilities of the MK 48," said Tom Jarbeau, Lockheed Martin program director. "The refinements we've made to the torpedo's guidance and control systems provide the U.S. Navy with a highly capable weapon in both littoral and deep sea environments."

The upgrade kit includes a broadband analog sonar receiver, a guidance and control box, and a pre-amplifier.

Lockheed Martin was first awarded a CBASS upgrade kit contract in 2011 by the Navy.

The current contract is worth $37 million and is part of a five-year fleet modernization program.

Company work on the program will be conducted at Lockheed's facility in Marion, Mass., with support from its facilities in Virginia, New York and Rhode Island.

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