Lockheed's Doppler lidar system operating in Germany

DENVER, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- Lockheed Martin reports its WindTracer Doppler lidar system is now being used at both Frankfurt and Munich airports in Germany.

The systems installed by the German Weather Service are part of the Low Level Wind Shear Alert System LLWAS at the airports, which were provided by Selex Systems Integration.


WindTracer monitors atmospheric conditions and measures wind speed and direction along airport flight paths, even in dry and clear weather conditions, thus complementing radar systems. It operates by transmitting pulses of eye-safe infrared laser light that reflect off naturally occurring aerosol particles in the atmosphere that are moved by wind, altering the frequency of the light that is scattered back to the system.

WindTracer processes the return signal and automatically detects hazardous winds to ensure operational safety for aircraft.

"WindTracer represents an affordable wind shear detection system for customers around the globe," said Dr. Michael Margulis, director of WindTracer Programs at Lockheed Martin. "Combined with weather radar, the system gives the airport a comprehensive picture of wind hazards.

"As a result, the highest detection rate for wind hazards, in both dry and wet environments, is achieved."


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