Military contract extensions for Erickson Air-Crane

PORTLAND, Ore., July 9 (UPI) -- Personnel and cargo transport for U.S. Special Operations Command in Africa will continue to be provided by Erickson Air-Crane Inc.

The services come under contract options to an earlier award and were given to Evergreen Helicopters, a recently acquired subsidiary of Erickson.


"We are excited to continue to develop a strong operational capability and strategic presence in Africa for the Department of Defense," said Udo Rieder, chief executive officer of Erickson. "We believe this region, with its vast territories and relatively undeveloped infrastructure, is becoming an increasingly large and diverse market for aviation services across a broad range of missions and types of customers.

"Each new contract award brings us incremental visibility and furthers our confidence in the Evergreen business portfolio's strength. We continue to push toward a cohesive integration of our organizations, and expect significant financial and strategic benefits to emerge."

Erickson said the value or the contract options is more than $8 million. The performance period of the options and other details were not disclosed.

Erickson Air-Crane is headquartered in Oregon. It operates 85 rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft around the world.


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