MBDA unveils new system

PARIS, June 18 (UPI) -- A new system for indirect precision attack for land and naval forces has been unveiled at the Paris Air Show by European missile systems company MBDA.

The system for land and naval artillery is CVS302 HOPLITE, which MBDA describes as its fourth and latest Concept Visions projects.


HOPLITE is comprised of a mission control system and two missile variants, HOPLITE-S and HOPLITE-L. The missiles have a distance of about 43.5 miles, which they traverse in less than two minutes at low altitude. At high altitude, the missiles can travel nearly 100 miles in less than four minutes, the company said.

"The system is able to quickly and safely traverse contested airspaces, and closely coordinate salvo firings to provide an exceptional fire support capability to the front line," MBDA said. "HOPLITE's one-shot, one-kill precision simplifies operations while reducing collateral damage risk and mission cost."

Additional details on the system and missiles were not immediately available.

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