Sikorsky training center opens in September

PARIS, June 17 (UPI) -- Sikorsky Aerospace Services says its new training center for international military operators of its Black Hawk helicopter will open soon in the United States.

The Sikorsky Training Academy -- to be located in Altus, Okla. -- will provide advanced flight and maintenance training and will be equipped with state-of-the-art flight and mission crew simulators and Sikorsky's newest international variant – the S-70i Black Hawk aircraft.


Sikorsky said this is the first time the company has purchased its own helicopters exclusively for customer training. And although the facility is focused on international customers, U.S. operators of the Black Hawk will also be trained.

The center will open in early September.

"This world-class facility will deliver comprehensive OEM training for Black Hawk pilots, aircrew and maintainers worldwide," said David Adler, president of SAS. "Our advanced programs are tailored to each customer's specific operational requirements.

"The facility is solely focused on training and is the first of its kind for U.S government agencies and international militaries. The pilots and maintainers who graduate from the Sikorsky Training Academy will be ready to execute missions safely, confidently and effectively."


SAS, which made the announcement at the Paris Air Show, is the aftermarket business of Sikorsky aircraft.

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