Australia issues RFT for radar development

CANBERRA, Australia, May 17 (UPI) -- Australia's CEA Technologies has received a Request for Tender for development of a High Power Phased Array Radar concept demonstrator.

The RFT was issued by the Australian Department of Defense, which is looking at an initial investment of nearly $4 million in the development project.


"This tender is for the development of radar systems based on the CEAFAR radar, which could support future naval acquisitions such as the Royal Australian Navy's Future Frigates through Project SEA 5000," said Minister for Defense Materiel Mike Kelly.

The CEAFAR (3D) radar is a focus of the government's Phased Array Radar element of the High Frequency and Phased Array Radar Priority Industry Capability. Officials said its development "will build on the already substantial investment made by the Australian government in the domestic radar-related industrial research and development and de-risk radar solutions for future naval frigates.

Additional details of CEFAR radar weren't disclosed in the Defense Department announcement.

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