NATO satcomms getting Selex upgrade

ROME, Oct. 20 (UPI) -- Italy's Selex Elsag is to upgrade NATO's satellite communication systems and associated infrastructure under a major turnkey contract.

Under the award, Selex Elsag will design, build, test, commission and support the infrastructure and communications systems upgrades, which will offer high levels of operational readiness and reduced manning requirements and through-life costs.


The contract includes a major new building and satcom facility in Belgium.

Multiple-antenna satellite ground stations in Kester, Belgium, and Lughezzano, Italy, and single-antenna facilities in Turkey and Greece will also be upgraded, making extensive use of proven commercial off-the-shelf technology.

An enhanced training capability will be provided at the NATO Communications and Information Systems School in Italy. Surplus satcom stations will be closed.

Selex Elsag said this low-risk program will provide an expandable capability, with a 20-year operational lifespan, and will enhance NATO's operational capability by improving space segment efficiency, improving operational security and interoperability, reducing cost of ownership and improving resilience and security.

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