Italy orders armored ambulances

ROME, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- Italy's Iveco Defense Vehicles has received a contract from the Italian army for 12 multi-purpose armored vehicles in the ambulance variant.

The monetary value of the order wasn't disclosed. The company, however, said the vehicles -- named VTMM Ambulance by the Italian army -- will be delivered by 2012.


The ambulance version of Iveco's MPV-VTMM is equipped with two stretchers and will transport a crew that includes a driver, commander, medical officer and nurse.

A suitable system for loading stretchers has been developed. The vehicle will be equipped with NBC protection system.

The company said the MPV-VTMM vehicle family is based on a military off-the-shelf truck chassis, combined with a protected crew cell, which incorporates the driver's cabin and cargo compartment.

The MPV family leverages on the know-how of two of the major European companies involved in armored vehicles production, Iveco DV and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann of Germany. In June 2008 the two companies signed a cooperation agreement on the development of a new military vehicle family in the weight class of 18 to 25 tons.

For the VTMM-MPV Ambulance, Iveco is responsible for the final protection level and for the integration of all specific equipment according to the requirements of the Italian army.


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