Raytheon to produce anti-mine systems

TEWKSBURY, Mass., Oct. 8 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy has tasked Raytheon Co. to produce and deliver AN/ASQ-235 Airborne Mine Neutralization Systems.

AMNS is an essential component of the Navy's organic mine countermeasures family of systems and is deployed by the MH-60S multi-mission helicopter to locate and destroy underwater mines previously detected by Raytheon's AN/AQS-20A mine-hunting sonar system.


Both AMNS and AN/AQS-20A provide critical capabilities that make seaborne mine clearance missions significantly more effective, efficient and safe, the company said.

"Seaborne mines continue to present an enormous threat to naval forces around the globe," said Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems' Kevin Peppe, vice president of Seapower Capability Systems. "AMNS is a tested and proven solution, allowing sailors to safely and effectively execute their mine countermeasure mission with confidence."

AMNS consists of a helicopter-based control console as well as a launch and handling system equipped with four unmanned Archerfish neutralizer vehicles. A helicopter operator uses the Archerfish to destroy mines via remote control.

Raytheon IDS is the prime production supplier for the AMNS LHS, working with its international partner, BAE Systems, of Portsmouth, England, which separately produces the Archerfish.

Under the $14.6 million contract, Raytheon will assemble, test and deliver launch and handling system units for AMNS and provide related engineering services.


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