Solipsys offers new C2 tool

TEWKSBURY, Mass., Sept. 20 (UPI) -- Raytheon's Solipsys subsidiary is offering a Web-based visualization command-and-control tool built on its Tactical Display Framework product.

TDF Portal provides unprecedented access and availability to key mission information in support of time-sensitive decision-making when combined with Solipsys' Multi-Source Correlator Tracker, the Meridian geospatial imagery server and TDF-powered workstations.


"Through an Internet connection and a standard Web browser, TDF Portal allows participants in different locations to see the same operational picture, providing common situational awareness across a broad theater," said Mark Trenor, president of Raytheon Solipsys.

The Tactical Display Framework system is the company's prime, tactical geospatial visualization product for transmission of maps and data that can be shown in customized layers for operations involving wide-area surveillance, command and control, air traffic control, emergency response, disaster management and distributed mission operations.

Solipsys is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Raytheon Company and focuses on the development of integrated Command and Control Network-Centric solutions. Customers include U.S. military services, as well as the Australian air force, the Italian navy and Iceland's defense forces.

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