Raytheon unveils cybersecurity product

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- A new product to mitigate cybersecurity risks through monitoring of employee social-networking activity and other actions has been released by Raytheon.

Called SureView 6.5, the program supports organizations' efforts to mitigate cybersecurity risks by proactively auditing end-user behavior on computer endpoints for policy violations and high-risk activity.


According to Raytheon, "SureView captures policy violations, compliance incidents and malicious acts that might lead to an information breach and then replays the events in a digital video recorder-like format."

"Our customers face a daunting array of continuously evolving cyberthreats -- both from external actors as well as insiders," said Steve Hawkins, vice president of Raytheon's Information Security Solutions product line. "SureView's enhancements were developed in response to our customers' specific requirements to help them more effectively manage the risks associated with multiple threat vectors.

"SureView goes beyond data-leak protection to provide proactive information protection."

The company said SureView 6.5 also offers increased processing speed from the collector to the central database, and from the central database to the investigator workbench, and that a new search engine enables operators to narrow and define searches to specific data types from one screen.


"SureView complements other solutions designed to mitigate the APT by providing irrefutable and unambiguous attribution of end-user activity in full context to rapidly discern malicious from benign actions while respecting employee-privacy guidelines," Raytheon said.

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