Head-mounted displays employ OLED

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 15 (UPI) -- Microdisplay company Liteye Systems developed two new head mounted display systems using organic light-emitting diode displays from eMagin Corp.

The Liteye head-mounted display unit used the eMagin OLED system and universal mounts to give warfighters better situational awareness, eMagin said.


The head-mounted display is universally adaptable and allows the user to adjust the display unit in any position.

The Liteye system is compact for portable computing and remote viewing on the battlefield. It can also fit onto ballistic goggles and combat goggles deployed internationally by military original-equipment manufacturers.

Liteye Vice President Rick Sondag said the system was designed with eMagin OLED technology to give a high-resolution, high-performance product.

The head mounted display system can be custom-fit for specific military needs, the company added.

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