Army dedicated to protecting soldiers

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- The U.S. Army has slammed a television news report over its decision on procurement of a weapons system to counter rocket propelled grenades.

The U.S. Army News Service reported on Sept. 10 that the Army's deputy for acquisition and systems management Maj. Gen. Jeffrey A, Sorenson too, issue with an NBC News story that said the Army is not buying the Israeli "Trophy" system that could protect soldiers and their transport from RPGs after manipulating data in favor of Raytheon's competing "Quick Kill" system.


Both technologies can launch missiles to intercept RPGs in flight. While "Trophy" is six months ahead of "Quick Kill" it has limitations. Sorenson was particularly concerned that the NBC report implied that the Army refused to field an acceptable foreign-made combat system that would save lives.

Sorenson said that Israel's "Trophy" system is not a "produceable" item, adding that the Israelis have been developing the Trophy system for more than a decade. Sorenson commented, "If this thing was ready to go, my question would be, why wasn't it on the particular tanks that went into Lebanon?"

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