Canadian oil production recovers for Suncor

CALGARY, Alberta, July 17 (UPI) -- Canadian oil company Suncor Energy said its operations returned to full production, less than a month after Alberta flooding forced a precautionary shutdown.

Suncor said oil production in Canada was reduced by 3 million barrels because of setbacks resulting from a 100-year flood in Alberta.


Provincial authorities declared a state of emergency in June because of heavy flooding. Suncor was forced to close part of its regional pipeline system because of a release from an associated pipeline operated by Enbridge in northeast Alberta.

Enbridge said heavy flooding may have disrupted parts of a regional pipeline system, resulting in a small oil spill.

"Suncor Energy reports it has returned to full production at its oil sands operations," the company said in a statement Wednesday. "Since the restart of the Enbridge regional oil sands pipeline system earlier this month, Suncor has been ramping up its oil sands production as pipeline and storage capacity would allow."

Pipeline operations were closed June 24. The energy company said its oil production for the year should be within the expected range despite the shutdown.

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