Alberta's oil sector rebounding from flood

CALGARY, Alberta, July 3 (UPI) -- Canadian pipeline company Enbridge said it returned oil pipelines to service following complications associated with heavy June flooding in Alberta province.

A state of emergency was declared for much of the province and the offices of major oil companies in downtown Calgary were closed because of June flooding. The provincial government said offices for aid distribution centers were open through Wednesday. Eligible families affected by the flood can get access to as much as $1,000 in assistance.


Enbridge said it opened its Wood Buffalo pipeline in the oil-rich northeast section of Alberta province. The pipeline was closed June 22 in response to a spill from the company's Line 37 pipeline from Fort McMurray and re-opened Tuesday.

About 750 barrels of oil spilled from Line 37. Enbridge said no potable water wells were affected by the release, though some of the oil spilled into a small creek and a lake.

Enbridge said the failure of Line 37 was triggered by "1-in-100 year rainfall" in Alberta in late June.

The company said most of its pipeline systems tied to oil operations have returned to service, but at lower operating capacity. Enbridge said it was continuing with its response operations, but said the "extremely wet conditions" made some of that response difficult.


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