Miller, Putin discuss Gazprom raids

MOSCOW, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- Though raids of Gazprom affiliates in Europe were an unwelcome surprise, the company is in compliance with its European obligations, an executive said.

Inspections were ordered by the European Commission in September to look into alleged antitrust issues by Gazprom and its affiliates in the region.


European authorities say they are concerned that Gazprom's grip on the region's market is undermining energy security. Consumers in the European Union get about 25 percent of their gas from Russia.

Gazprom Chief Executive Officer Alexei Miller, during a conversation with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, said the raids were an "unpleasant surprise" though is company has always been open to dialogue.

"We will comply in full with our contractual obligations to our European partners under existing contracts," he said, the transcript provided by Putin's office indicated. "Gazprom retains all of its rights and is prepared to defend them in court."

Miller added that nobody was arrested in connection with the raids.

Several Russian energy companies have faced antitrust issues in the domestic market.

Gazprom, in a statement, stressed the investigations don't necessarily imply violations of the law.


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