Fuel ban in effect in Antarctic waters

LONDON, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- The United Nations' International Maritime Organization announced that ships traveling through parts of Antarctic need to use a less polluting form of fuel.

The IMO announced that passenger and cargo ships traveling through the Antarctic region need to use lower density fuel. The IMO regulation relates to waters south of latitude 60 degrees south.


The IMO said its advisory statement that high-density fuels and those containing "bitumen, tar and their emulsions" were banned in the designated area.

The restrictions are greater than what is required elsewhere on the sea.

"This means, in effect, that ships trading to the area, whether passenger or cargo ships, would need to switch to a different fuel type when transiting the Antarctic area," the IMO said.

The ban went into effect Monday. Similar regulations are in place for parts of the Baltic and North seas.

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