France strikes out against fracking

PARIS, June 13 (UPI) -- French lawmakers introduced a bill that would ban the use of hydraulic fracturing during exploration of oil and natural gas.

The French government issued a temporary ban on oil and gas drilling activity that involves the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.


The French Senate adopted a bill that gives leaseholders of shale deposits two months to reveal how they'd drill. A permit would be revoked if energy companies said they planned to use fracking or if they didn't respond at all, the Platts news service reports.

The French bill already passed through the lower house. It could become law as early as July after lawmakers return from summer recess.

Environmental groups contend the chemicals used in the process could create health problems if they get into water aquifers.

Energy companies and some regulators in shale-rich United States note the practice has been in place for decades without incident.

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