'Titanfall' experiences server issues on Day 1

The issues ranged from connection errors when trying to play using a slower Internet connection to total game crashes in some scenarios.
By Ananth Baliga  |  March 12, 2014 at 12:02 PM
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REDMOND, Wash., March 12 (UPI) -- Microsoft's eagerly awaited game Titanfall experienced issues on PCs and the Xbox One, due to a problem with Xbox Live and Microsoft's Azure servers.

The game is a 100 percent online multiplayer title and relies heavily on Microsoft's cloud. This means that if the servers were to go down, not only does Titanfall go offline, Xbox Live goes offline as well. This was the reason Microsoft used its Azure servers to prevent any such incident, but many players still reported being greeted by a screen that read "initializing."

According to Larry Hryb from Microsoft's Xbox team, the problem was not with Titanfall but instead it was with signing into Xbox Live. This is an unfortunate coincidence, since Microsoft has been relying on the new game to help boost console sales.

"If you are having issues signing into Xbox Live, we are aware of it and actively working on the issue. This is not a Titanfall issue," he tweeted.

While many enthusiasts were irate, users on social news site Reddit were more sympathetic toward Microsoft's problems.

"It's really hard to keep servers up on day one. Not saying they shouldn't have been prepared, but the servers likely just got flooded - nothing they can do about it at this point except wait for traffic to die down," commented one user.

Six hours after Hryb acknowledged that Microsoft was working on the problem, a tweet from Xbox Support's official account said the glitch had been fixed.

"Thanks for your patience. Xbox Live is good to go!" it read.

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