One in five workers has plans to vamoose, survey finds

CHICAGO, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- One-in-five U.S. workers expects to change jobs in 2014, employment firm CareerBuilder said Thursday.

In an online survey conducted mostly in November, 21 percent of respondents indicated they had plans to change jobs in 2014, up from 17 percent who indicated they would make a job switch in 2013.


It is the highest percentage of workers in the post-recession era indicating they have plans to change jobs.

CareerBuilder said the percentage of workers satisfied with their jobs had dropped from 66 percent in the previous survey to 59 percent in the survey conducted Nov. 6-Dec. 2.

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Eighteen percent expressed dissatisfaction with their jobs, up from 15 percent in the poll taken in late 2012.

Among those who indicated they were dissatisfied, 66 percent cited salary and 65 percent cited feeling they were not valued by their employer.

Among those who are unhappy with their jobs, 58 percent indicate they would make a switch in 2014.

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Thirty-nine percent of those planning on making a change indicated they were not happy with their work and home life balance, underemployed or highly stressed (39 percent). Thirty-seven percent indicated they had a poor opinion of their boss' performance and 36 percent indicated they were overlooked for a promotion.


But 79 percent of workers indicated they had no plans to leave their jobs.

In that group, 54 percent indicated they liked their co-workers, 50 percent indicated they had a good balance between life and work, and 49 percent indicated they had good benefits.

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Slightly fewer -- 43 percent -- indicated they made a good salary and some -- 35 percent -- indicated an uncertain job market was keeping them at their current job.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, involved 3,008 responses. The results carries a margin of error of 1.79 percentage points and 95 percent certainty.

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